Carry the load – benefitting Snowball Express, TAPS and Team RWB

Details from Buck Kern about Carry The Load event – don’t miss it – one of the coolest memorial day events I have heard of.


Remembering the True Meaning of Memorial Day
To: Our Snowball Express Families and Supporters:

The National “Carry The Load” Relay begins tomorrow at noon, Tuesday, April 30 at West Point and will end on May 26 in Dallas Texas, where we will help kick off the Dallas Carry the load 20 hour and 13 minute city relay. The Carry The Load National Relay is rucking 2,000 miles across the country to benefit Snowball Express, TAPS and Team RWB.

When you support Carry The Load, you also Support Snowball Express!

Here is the on-line daily schedule:

For a detailed minute by minute timeline on the CTL web site please visit:
Click Here to Link to Carry The Load Daily Hour by Hour Schedule

Also, here is a document link that will give you the hour by hour details with meeting locations, dates and times for each day of the relay.
We will be at West Point tomorrow and in New York City on Wednesday. If you are in the area, come help us kick off the relay.

Please click below:
Carry The Load Relay Meeting Points List (Click Here)

For those who live along the relay route, we invite you to join in and walk some of the route as it passes through your area.

If you will be joining us to any portion of the relay, please send me a quick note, so we know to expect you. We would love to have you join in.

There is no cost to participate and you can carry whatever item you’d like to bring with you, whether it be a sentimental belonging of your fallen hero, or a simple token of American patriotism. You can also wear your Snowball Express T-Shirt, or shirt with a photo of your hero. We invite you and the general public to join together in remembering the men and women who have Carried the Load for us by giving their last full measure in service to America.

To learn more about the Carry The Load National Relay, please visit:
Carry The Load National Relay Page

Also, here is a brief PSA from Carry the load.

Meaning of Memorial Day PSA_60sec

We hope to see you along the route.



Francis “Buck” Kern
Executive Director
Snowball Express

About Carry The Load

The Carry The Load National Relay provides citizens an outlet to raise awareness and funds for partnering organizations that are hyper-focused on serving families of fallen service men and women. The Carry The Load National Relay is rucking 2,000 miles across the country to benefit Snowball Express, TAPS and Team RWB.

“I served our country as a Navy SEAL. Every Memorial Day I have a persistent, dull, deep ache. It’s the memory of all of the buddies I’ll never be able to talk to again. I couldn’t express my feelings with words, so I put on my boots, loaded my pack and I started walking. With every step, I thought about those buddies I lost. As I walked, a man stopped me and asked, ‘Son, who are you carrying?’ He understood what I couldn’t say. At that moment I knew that other people felt like me, and Carry The Load was born.”
Clint Bruce
Co- Founder, Carry The Load

Our mission with Carry The Load is to bring meaning to Memorial Day by honoring the sacrifices made by members of the military, law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families while serving our country and communities, especially those who have died or were wounded while carrying the load for their fellow Americans. The truth is, there is a disconnect between what Memorial Day means, and how it is observed today.

Every day, these citizens and their families carry our great nation by the nature of their service. Carry The Load is an opportunity to share an experience with hundreds of other Americans reflecting on these sacrifices; and it’s a way to raise awareness and resources for established, well-respected foundations that benefit these communities.

We invite you to join us this Memorial Day in honoring our military, law enforcement officers and firefighters by carrying the load for these brave men and women and their families.

Carry The Load is a registered 501(c)3 organization helping people celebrate a meaningful Memorial Day by organizing and conducting an event that honors and thanks veterans and active duty service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families for their sacrifices; and, through the event participation and sponsorship, raises money to support nonprofit organizations that help these groups and their families.